Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Frosted Cupcake

I've been asked a couple different times what my favorite flavor of cake is. Without a doubt, it's the orange flavored cake with cream cheese frosting. While I am still trying to perfect this recipe, I have to give a shout out to a cupcakery located in Belmont Shores, California. The best orange cupcake award (for now) goes to The Frosted Cupcake. I visited this quaint, yet modern little shop back in July when my best friend and I decided to take a summer vacation to southern Cali. This cupcake was beyond tastey. Beyond fabulous. It was perfect! The cream cheese frosting was sweet but not too sweet. The orange flavor was subtle and refreshing. The cake was unbelievably moist. This cupcake was well worth it's near $3.00 price tag. I would've paid $10! If you are ever near the Belmont Shore area, you've got to make a stop here. You will not regret it!!! Check out the website along with two of my personal pics. :)

Behold the Orange/Cream Cheese Cupcake!

Scary picture: Yummy cupcake.

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